The Ming Dynasty

Empire of the Great Ming or simply the “Ming Dynasty”, was the ruling dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644, following the collapse of the Yuan Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty was “one of the greatest eras of government in human history”, though this dynasty came a lot of artwork that showed the unique styles and products that art was made of during this era in the Chinese arts.                                 

Medallion with Return from a Spring Outing: Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Artwork dated from between 16th century China.

This medallion is an Ivory carving, which is found in some of China’s earliest cultures, but also flourished during the Ming dynasty, which was a direct result of an increased supply of material and widespread popularity of the arts. This medallion is one of the few carvings that can be dated back to the Ming dynasty. This carving encompasses a scene of a man riding in a compound with four young attendants carrying supplies, while a fifth attendant rushes to open the gate of the compound. This can of scene represents the return of spring, with it various flowers and activities.    


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One Response to The Ming Dynasty

  1. gina says:

    That is an incredible piece of ivory! The details are so intricate and I have to wonder how long something like that takes to make. I am really into architecture so what I notice first is the building and it is interesting to see it carved in ivory. I also like the details of the man on the horse. I think the best part of this art is the way it seems to have such depth. It is amazing that it has survived so long and in such good condition. Good job, I enjoyed seeing this piece.

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