Venus of Urbino

 The Venus of Urbino is an oil painting by an Italian named Titian. It shows a nude young women who is depicted as the goddess Venus, laying on a sofa in a sensual matter. I can see how most would just see this painting as a simple portrait of an exposed young women meant to invoke a certain response, but there has to be more than that. Titian seems to be painting from a more Humanist point of view; his painting depicts human spirit and human beauty at its most purest. I enjoy this piece of Italian Renaissance work because its sugesstive nature seems to be telling the viewer more than first meets the eyes. For instance, who is the young girl in the background who appears to be weeping? The same can be said about the women standing over her. Has this nude women done something inappropriate to offend or dishearten these women? Maybe she’s a mistress to the weeping woman’s husband and the lady standing upright is the weeping women maid. Whatever is going on it seems that the nude women has caused some sort of uproar and her relaxed look seems like she really doesn’t care.


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2 Responses to Venus of Urbino

  1. art curiosity says:

    The women in the background are not weeping or ashamed. It is said that the lady on her knees is finding something suitable for the naked “Venus” to wear.

  2. mal says:

    Yes, the commenter is right. The woman is looking into a trunk. The two figures in the background are her maids. Its said that the female nude is just married or just about to be married and the maids are gathering her things. The dog at the foot of the sofa suggests female loyalty and obedience. She reprensence the purity and innocence of the female, even while nude, she is moraly just.

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