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Die Israeliten in der Wüste by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach(1714-1788)

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was a German musician and composer, who was a crucial composer in the transition between the Baroque and Classical periods, and one of the founders of the Classical style, composing in both Rococo and Classical periods. … Continue reading

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Ecstacy of St. Teresa

The Ecstasy of St. Teresa is is a sculpture designed by Gianlorenzo Bernini, (1598-1680) in Italy between the years 1645-52. It was built to be 11 ft 6 in. in a Baroque style made out of marble. This is a great … Continue reading

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Venus of Urbino

 The Venus of Urbino is an oil painting by an Italian named Titian. It shows a nude young women who is depicted as the goddess Venus, laying on a sofa in a sensual matter. I can see how most would … Continue reading

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